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What a blessing it has been to be able to give each of students in grades 6-12 a Macbook this school year. Please check back on this page often for updated information about technology in the classroom.

Due to security reasons the Macbook that was given to your child is unable to connect to printers at this time. However this does not mean that they cannot print their material if they need to. Below is a link to a file that will explain a few options for how you can print things that were created on your child's Macbook.

The Apple Store has workshops that are a great source of information that will help you and/or your child with the school?s new technology. The link can be found here: The workshops are updated on a regular basis and are on a first come first serve basis. The Apple Store is located at the Augusta Mall.

As a school we feel it necessary to provide an insurance policy that covers damage, loss, or theft that is not covered by AppleCare. There will be a $100.00 charge for insurance coverage per laptop that will be added to the Renweb account. In the event of an incident, there will be a $150.00 deductible by the family and the school will cover any remaining repair or replacement cost. Most repairs run between $500.00 and $800.00 with a replacement cost of $1000.00.

If you choose to opt out of the insurance policy, please go to the business office and make arrangements. has a great sale on computer sleeves right now and the link can be found below:
Computer Sleeves

Macbook Printing Instructions Macbook Printing Instructions

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