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Friday, April 3, 2020

Dear ACS families:

After meeting with the principals and guidance counselor this morning, I want to announce the following changes. These changes are being made in order to take some of the stress off of the students, parents and teachers, while still providing everyone credit for a full school year. We are able to take advantage of non-instructional days that are built into the May calendar and add to it. There are slight differences in kindergarten and elementary vs middle and high school.

For kindergarten and elementary school:

Remote instruction will stop on May 1.
Every student will be given an additional week to turn any assignments in that were not completed by May 1.
Learning Support meetings with parents, teachers and principal will take place via teleconference and forms will be mailed.
We are still working on alternatives to awards days, K5 graduation and 5th grade moving up ceremonies. Depending on then current guidelines and mandates this could include livestream, a reduced capacity in person ceremony, or personal delivery to the students house.

For middle and high school:

Remote instruction will stop on May 1. If your student is in middle or high school and has an "A" or "B" average for a particular class, they may stop a week early for that class, on April 24.
Seniors will stop on April 17 regardless of average. However, seniors may continue with remote learning if they want to bring their grades up.
The exception to these early stop dates is for AP students who will continue with those classes in preparing for their AP exam(s).
Middle and high school students with an average lower than a "B" will continue through May 1 and will then have a week to make up any missed work during this remote learning period in which they received a "0". This is in lieu of an exam and is offered in order to help them bring their grade up. If they choose not to do the work or turn it in by May 8, their average on May 1 will stand.
No other final exams will be given.
We are still working on alternatives to honors programs, prom, and senior graduation.

In summary, we will be finished with remote learning in 14 school days. Some students will finish earlier than others. As I indicated in prior emails, if things change for the better and we are able to return to campus for our programs or other purposes, we will certainly do so in order to give these students the public recognition they deserve. We will not, however, change our end date on instruction or add exams back in.

I hope that everyone has a great spring break and Easter in spite of the circumstances. Our God still reigns!

Blessings and prayers to all,

Les Walden
Head of Schools
Stand Firm With Purpose

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