Media and Technology

"How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is better to be chosen than silver." Proverbs 16:16

School Library Media Center

The primary function of the school library media center is to support the curriculum of the school and provide for improving the intellectual capabilities and achievements of all students. The library links its patrons with materials, equipment and services. Its programs, activities, and interactions are designed to specifically meet the academic needs of individuals and groups in the school community. The media center environment enhances learning experiences and is built upon concern for the academic and spiritual progress of each student. Computer resources are available for research with monitored internet access.

An instructional program that encourages students to develop independence in the evaluation and use of information and to possess positive attitudes toward continuous learning is part of the school's curriculum. The classroom teachers and members of the library staff cooperate to plan an effective instructional program at each grade level to prepare the students to become discriminate, life-long users of information. The program teaches respect and consideration for others, the school library, and other types of libraries available in our society. Emphasis is placed on how to access information from a variety of sources and how to make better use of materials, facilities, and services which are available in all libraries. Guiding principles, rules, and regulations to follow when using the library media center have been developed in order for the library media center to function effectively. Students will be given instruction concerning these guidelines in their classrooms and in the library.

Computer Classes

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Computer classes are offered for all students in grades K5-5th. These students attend computer classes each week and learn computer basics in the elementary computer lab.

Students in grades 6-12 may elect to take a variety of computer and keyboarding classes on varying levels. All students in grades 9-12 are required to take a keyboarding class.

In our computer lab our students receiving the latest technology and teaching available. We offer a filtered internet service which is available in the computer labs as well as the media center.

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