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Augusta Christian Schools is the only private school in the CSRA that has Career and Technical Education. We have a thriving Healthcare Program where students enrolled learn essentials to the healthcare industry, but spend a great deal of time learning employability skills as well. Programs such as this are vital to the future success of the local workforce, especially the healthcare industry. The skills that students learn in this program give them an advantage over other students once they begin college.

The trend in Career and Technical Education across the country is for every student to complete a Career Pathway prior to graduation. The purpose of the pathways are to assist in career development so that students are prepared and competitive for their chosen field. The Healthcare Industry is growing
rapidly and is anticipated to continue that growth, however,
admission into healthcare programs is highly competitive. In order for our students to be able to compete with students across the state for admission into these programs they need to be emerged in the field at an early age. This program allows them to learn the language, learn some basic skills, earn an industry certification, complete volunteer hours in a healthcare facility, and prepare for college entrance.

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Students will explore the basics of healthcare
including insurance, delivery systems, career
options, legal and ethical responsibilities in
healthcare, some medical terminology, lifespan,
animal science, dental, rehabilitation, emergency
medicine, pharmacology, medical history, and
infection control.


Students will complete the CNA training in this class including clinical rotations at Doctors Hospital and Brandon Wilde Long Term Care Facility. Once the CNA certification is completed students will focus on life skills and employability.

Healthcare Science Education courses are designed for students interested in exploration of more than 200 health careers. These accomplishments are encouraged as a "stepping stone" for continuing post-secondary education in the healthcare field. Students are exposed to general healthcare knowledge and skills and are then encouraged to pursue a more in depth study in the career area they are interested in through the appropriate career pathway.

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