School Handbooks

The purpose of the Augusta Christian handbooks is to present guidelines for conduct so that parents, students and teachers are of "one mind" as we work together in the great privilege that we have in training young men and women to honor God with their entire lives.

It is our deepest desire to develop in each student a spiritually well-rounded individual who is fully prepared to contribute to Augusta Christian and surrounding community. In order for the community to function smoothly, certain expectations are required. When these are respected and followed by each member, the end result is a sense of order in the organization.

Thank you for entrusting your children to the academic and spiritual care of Augusta Christian Schools.

The back page of each handbook must be signed by parents and students and returned to the school by Friday of the first full week of school. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Elementary Handbook 2019-20 Elementary Handbook 2019-20

Middle/High School Handbook 2019-2020 Middle/High School Handbook 2019-2020

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