Accelerated Reader (AR)

By following the steps below, parents can request access to the Renaissance Place Software for Accelerated Reader:



  1. Click on this link or enter this link in your web browser: Renaissance Place
  2. At the Welcome page for the software, click 'Parent.'
  3. On the parent page, click Request 'Parent/Guardian Access.'
  4. The Request Parent/Guardian Access Information page will appear. First, click in the first name and last name blanks to enter your name. (You can use the key to move more quickly from one blank to the next.) The salutation and middle initial are optional.
  5. Next enter an email address so that the school or district can use it to send information if necessary.
  6. Finally you must identify all of your children who may be using the software. First, click the Number of Children drop-down list and choose the correct number of children. This will tell the software how many children you need to enter on this form. Then, click in the blanks to enter the first name and last name for each child. (The middle initial is optional.) For each child, you must also click the Parent/Guardian Relationship drop-down list and choose your relationship to the child.
  7. When you've finished filling out the form, and you're ready to send it to the school, click the [Save] button to send the form. If you decide not to send the form at this time, click the [Cancel] button instead.
  8. The next page will show you the information you've entered. Click the [Done] button.

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